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useyourcommunity will help you find services provided by community organisations in your area. It is very simple to use:

Type in the first part of your postcode into the Searchbox above. You can also type in the Borough or Region you are interested in searching.  

A list of voluntary and community organisations will appear located within your selected area. Find the service you require, then contact them or we can do this for you - just call us on 0208 555 8468.

This directory provides a listing, so that you know who is providing services in your locality. We would suggest that if a postcode search does not locate any organisations in your chosen area, then typing in the name of your Borough or Region will enable you to search a wider area. 

We have also created a 'national' category for organisations that offer services across a wider area. If you find that the local organisations in your area are not offering what you need, then please type 'national' into the searchbox and you will find a list of organisations that may be able to help.  

Other Information available from this site:

Our self-assessment service can help you find out if you are eligible for funds from charities that support people. This is important because many charities are set up to give grants but they find it hard to find their people. We are happy to help you, so just contact us with information. 

Perhaps you feel that the services you need are not available in your area. In order to encourage you to start thinking about providing services yourself, we will place sample funding applications under the resources section on this site. Please feel free to use our funding application to guide you and to help plan your application.  

For groups/organisations

If you would like your organisation to be listed in our directory then please contact us. Our service is free so there is no charge for listing your organisation.

Please note: This Directory has been compiled using information which is publicly available. However, we appreciate that companies/organisations come and go or change address.  If you find any listing to be incorrect, then please contact us. 




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